Flatbed Towing in Easton, Pennsylvania

flatbed towing

In accordance with the conditions of your towing requirements, we will dispatch either a wheel-lift truck or a flatbed recovery vehicle. In order for us to dispatch a tow truck, you will need to talk with one of our operators who will be asking you a few questions in order to decide which vehicle will be dispatched.


Tow Truck Easton‘s flatbed truck is mostly used for cars that have been involved in automobile accidents, need to be hauled long distances, are too heavy, have all-wheel drive, or have limited ground clearance, among other things.


If you own a high-end vehicle, such as a sports car or a classic automobile, you’ll want to employ our flatbed towing services to guarantee that your vehicle is properly protected against any rough road conditions.


Flatbed Towing

Our Flatbed tow truck is capable of towing the following vehicles:



Pick Up Trucks




Small Trailers

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