Light-Duty Towing in Easton, Pennsylvania

light-duty towing

The capacity of a tow truck is less important for smaller automobiles, since the regulations are less stringent. Most of these passenger vehicles only require what is called a light duty-towing truck. Most of the time this may be a wheel-lift tow truck which is  a smaller tow truck as compared to the flatbed truck.  A wheel-lift truck has the benefit of being able to operate in narrower places, making it ideal for those “hard to get there” towing situations. This wrecker truck is also employed in time-sensitive circumstances due to its ability to maneuver more quickly through the densely populated areas of the Lehigh Valley region.

In comparison to a flatbed truck, which uses a winching mechanism to hoist automobiles onto a hydraulic platform, this “light-duty towing” truck uses a system of chains and straps to raise the front wheels of your vehicle while securely fastening it to the truck so that it may be transported away while its rear wheels remain in contact with the road.

When you call Tow Truck Easton for towing services, you can expect a quick response from our towing professionals because of our light-duty trucks. The members of our team have been trained to be familiar with the area’s highways, allowing us to match your expectations by arriving on time no matter what the traffic conditions are.

Light-Duty Towing

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