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tire change service

A flat tire can be caused by a number of different factors. If you take a look at your dashboard and see that the “low tire pressure” sign is illuminated, it is critical that you take action immediately.


Pull over to the nearest and most secure location to inspect your tires. Our roadside assistance crew can help you right away if your tires are significantly flat and you don’t have a spare tire or aren’t comfortable changing your own.


Alternatively, if the light is switched on and it is impossible to determine where the leak is coming from, it is possible that the source is one of two things. It is possible that your tires are low on air from time to time, or that there is a nail in your tire that is steadily leaking air. As long as you can go to a local gas station and fill up your tires, you should be fine in any situation.


If you want tire change services, our vehicle recovery service professionals at Tow Truck Easton can remove your tire and put a spare on your vehicle. 

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